Coming March 2023!

Who We Are

We love having fun and creating businesses around what we’re passionate about. We’re based out of Charleston, South Carolina and have created a few business throughout our 14 year history. See below to get the full story.

The goal of the Brew Hop Pass is to encourage fellow beer lovers to utilize the pass and experience all of the amazing craft breweries/distilleries/brewpubs in the city. The mobile app will help educate locals and tourists about the local scene while promoting breweries/distilleries/brewpubs in a new and entertaining manner.


We love beer…and so do a lot of other people. What better way to combine the two passions of ours then to launch a pass that caters to breweries, distilleries and brewpubs. 

Charleston, South Carolina has some of the best breweries in the Country. So it made perfect sense to launch the Brew Hop Pass in our home city

Experience More. Spend Less

In 2018 we launched Tour Pass Charleston. Visitors or locals choose a 1 thru 5 day pass and choose from over 40 of Charleston’s top tours, attractions and historic sites. All they have to show is their mobile phone!

In 2019 we said…why not launch Tour Pass Savannah? So we did so in April and have over 30 of Savannah’s top attractions participating in the program.

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In 2005, Keith Simmons, our Founder got tired of the corporate grind and launched Traveler of Charleston. With the magazine, we love being able to help businesses connect with visitors and being a part of the amazing tourism industry that Charleston has become.

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