To say that we love beer does not even begin to scratch the surface of this passion that we share. Here at Munkle, we have sampled beer from all over the world, old world and new, but it is the old stuff that has really inspired us. We gravitate towards mostly Belgian and German styles, specifically Trappist and other monastic brews.

While Rob has since moved on from the monastery in Three Rivers, I really began to feel like I could live in and be a part of the brewing world for the rest of my life, so that is what I have set out to do.

Munkle Brewing co. will be a fun, loving, friendly, environment for all to enjoy. We will brew world class beer for our family and friends and for strangers who hopefully will become family and friends. Hospitality, fun, and great beer will be our motto. Charleston S.C. is our home, and we look forward to sharing it (and Munkle) with the world.