It’s a mobile app for both Android and iPhone devices that lists amazing breweries, taprooms and fun activities in Charleston, South Carolina. The app is free to download and see what’s offered. To take advantage of the many available offers you must have a paid subscription. 

  • Purchase subscription: 48-hour, monthly or annual. 
  • Download app and login.
  • Explore offers by participating breweries, taprooms and activities.
  • To redeem, open app, present at bar, they check you in.
  • Enjoy your offer! 
  • If purchase a monthly or annual pass you can redeem offer 1x every 30-days.

Purchase either a 48-hour, 30-day (subscription) or Annual Pass. Immediately after purchase you can login via your email and password to the app and begin redeeming offers at participating locations.

  • 48-hour Pass: Great for visitors. Can redeem an offer 1x at as many locations as you wish. 
  • Monthly Subscription Pass: Great for locals. Can redeem as many offers as you wish 1x every 30-days. After 30-days the visits will reset and you can visit each place again the next month and so on. Essentially you could redeem $185 per month x 12 months = $2,220 per year of value (as of 11/1/2019). 
  • Annual Pass: Great for locals or for gifting. Works the same as monthly pass and visits reset every 30-days.
  • There’s $185 worth of free beers and offers that a subscriber could redeem each month! (as of 11/1/2019) 
  • Our team has spend countless hours working with the top local breweries, taprooms and activities to offer you free flights, BOGO pints, free pints (with no purchase required) and major discounts on activities. 
  • The app has a detailed map with GPS directions…shows you which locations on the pass are nearest to you. 
  • Detailed location information such as what’s currently on tap, events and more. 
  • Leader board – if you purchase a monthly subscription, you can try and be at the top of the leader board and win prizes. 
  • Leave comments and tasting notes that others can see and share on social media…upload photos and more.

No. All sales are final. If you want to cancel your monthly subscription you can do so within the app. 

  • You must be 21 years of age to purchase a pass.
  • You are responsible for your own actions and we cannot control or endorse over-drinking, drunk or impaired driving (bicycles count as well). 
  • For all terms and conditions visit this page